1. I did not receive the verification email.

    Check your spam / junk inbox. Configure your email settings so that LifeOpp is added to your trusted list.

  2. How do I apply for jobs?

    Sign up for your LifeOpp account. Complete your LifeOpp profile which will serve as your resume that the employer will see when you click “Apply”.

  3. Do I need a resume to apply for jobs?

    No. Your profile is your resume. That is why it is important to make sure your profile is complete and accurate when your application is being reviewed. Make sure you fill up your previous work experience, education and soft-skills.

  4. How is my match percentage derived?

    Your match percentage is unique to each job post. It is derived from a combination of various inputs and matched against the type, location, and requirements of the company and the specific job function.

    Hence, we always recommend that you complete your profile to get a better and more accurate match.

  5. I can't achieve 100% complete for my profile.

    Make sure all fields are completed. If not, contact us directly if you think there is an error.

  6. Do I need to set my profile public for employers to see my profile?

    No. You can keep your profile private as you wish to.

  7. Do I need to enter my address information?

    By including your address, you will soon be able to see how far it takes for you to commute to work for each job posting you click on.

    We love and guard our privacy and we will do the same with yours too! We will never share any information about who you are with third parties without your consent.

  8. How do I track my applications?

    Go to “Jobs Applied” to keep tabs on your application status. It may take sometime for employers to review your applications before you know your progress.

Have other questions? Feel free to email us.


  1. Do I register a work or personal email account as a user?

    LifeOpp supports one main business account. When you create a business account, you will have the option of creating an individual account. We highly encourage you to do that as creating an individual account will allow your administrator to directly access the account and be notified.

    You have the option of creating multiple individual accounts for each of your assigned administrators.

    If you are already an existing individual user, simply click on “Create a Company Account” on the Sign-up page.

  2. How do I know if there are applicants to my job?

    We will notify you on email when there is a new application. Altnernatively, you can log-in to monitor the applications.

  3. How do I manage and contact the candidates who have applied to my job?

    Select "shortlisted" under the application status for an automated email to inform the applicant that he/she has been shortlisted and you will be contacting them for an interview. You will need to contact them via their contact information in their profile.

    Select "rejected" for candidates who are unsuitable. An automated email to inform the applicant will be sent.

    Select "hired" if you successfully make the hire so that the candidate gets automatically updated to your database for employee management.

For other technical difficulties or suggestions, let us help directly via our Contact Us page.