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We started LifeOpp because we believe that the process of hiring and finding a job online can be better and more fruitful for everyone.

No matter however different a company may label their labor requirements. Human Capital, Human Resources, Talent Management, Employee Management, Staffing Departments, Labor Department, the essence and root at the end of the day however is the same. That one requires a real live human being to be part of the organization!

Be it a part time job or a full time position, the quest to search and select for a person to join an organization requires human interaction. The availability of the internet therefore, as powerful as it is, has never been the first option to solve this problem and the reason is simple.


We value our friends and their views, the colleagues whom we work closely with day in and out and our community where we live and reside in. We therefore place a higher level of trust in these networks. When seeking for a position or looking to hire, basic instinct thus drives us to use these networks first to try and solve the issue at hand.

Humans therefore naturally turn to humans within their networks as the first choice of trying to solve a human capital problem.

This is also the reason why companies have extensive and often times highly rewarding internal referral incentive programs. Companies also regularly turn to recruiters that they trust, as they have built up an understanding of what the company requires.

This is us.

So what is LifeOpp then? Lifeopp was built to help companies work better with recruiters and to enable everyone to turn be a recruiter. By building your own content rich career page, one is now able to build a following by portraying and describing what it is like to work with the company.

Through the refer and sign-on bonus program, one is now able to reward interested applicants or recruiters who introduce successful applicants for the company.

LifeOpp, the only recruiting platform focused on the services sectors.